How You Can Pray for Youth

Youth have an amazing impact on our world and will pursue God with great zeal and passion. They want something real, they want to make a difference, and they want to be involved now. Learn how you can best pray for these things to come to past in their lives and bring God glory!


Tips for Prayer

Many people visit the World Network of Prayer office and ask, “What do you have that can help me pray better?” Others stop to share how they struggle with maintaining their daily prayer life. Some are even honest enough to share that they don’t really have a prayer life and request material on how to start one. The truth is there is not a secret formula or program for a life dedicated to prayer. It basically comes down to discipline. Here are a few suggestions to help you get s
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It was just another day in the neighborhood. A corrupt neighborhood¬…filled with dubious motives, hatred, politics and religious deviance. The city’s ministers, it seemed, were mostly self-serving and prided themselves in inflicting guilt on their saints with their powerful demands. There was also the working class. They married, and raised children with hopes and dreams. Most people were poor and lived in the lower city, a small minority including the government officials and the ministers live
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A Struggle in Prayer

There is a real struggle in prayer, when its approached wrong. Read the following article by James Robertson, who shares a real-life struggle he had with prayer. “A Call to Prayer” I haven’t posted in a long time. Lately, I’ve been facing a lot of spiritual attacks from the enemy and lately, honestly, he has been winning. I have not been standing firm in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and it has been hard to even spend 5 minutes in prayer. I’ve lacked joy in the Lord and in my life an
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  • "I had been struggling at work lately, because I seemed to make mistakes all the time. So after attending a prayer seminar I prayed and asked God to help me at work. Later that day I went to work. I did better. The whole day the main manager didn’t come. In the evening he came back and started observing me. He came to me and told me “This is going to be your test order to see how you are doing. I unfortunately made a mistake again. Then God worked on my manager’s mind because he kept observing me and found I did good. The whole day I did well and did not get nervous. At the end of the day something amazing thing happend. A customer called my second manager and said in front of me: “This girl is very good. I am very pleased for her customer service, you should know it and I want you to inform it to your main Manager.” Then he thanked me. I was so glad for that. A few hours later another customer came and called the manager and took him elsewhere to talk. When he came back I asked him: “Did I make a mistake?” He told me: “No, it was a second compliment about you.” My tears came out. It’s really amazing what my living God did for me."—from Canada
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